Question: How would you prioritize the amenities in a home when you are looking? I can never find a home that has all I am looking for and can't seem to make a decision when it is close but lacking some of the things I desire.

Answer: The key word in your question is "prioritize." Only you know what is important to you. I would start with a piece of paper and list all the things you have enjoyed in your past home or homes. Then I would put numbers next to those items with number 1 being the most enjoyable aspect or element and then go through the entire list. Now which of those elements are non-negotiable? What things would you put on the wish list of items you would love to have? Maybe you have never had a view home but would love to have one this time, maybe it is a pool or a large lot. With that list in hand you have made a fairly non-emotional attempt to determine what is important to you and your family. By the way, if it is a family situation, then get the whole family involved. Maybe it would be very important to the kids to have separate bedrooms or bigger bedrooms. This way when you are looking at homes you have a list in mind to evaluate. Don't expect that the final decision will have all the elements you listed so the prior evaluation of what is important to you will help you determine if you are close or are giving up something that you listed as a number 1 priority. Buying a home is a large investment and it will pay to do your homework ahead of the purchase. If you do buy and then later decide it was just not the home you wanted you will be disappointed or you will move sooner than you desire. Moving is expensive and if one move can be avoided it represents a considerable cost savings. If you are looking for a million dollar house and you can save one move, that could be $60,000-$75,000 you keep in your pocket or bank account. Maybe you have found a house that has most of what you desire but the kitchen is not upgraded and that is important to you. Then you can consider what the cost of remodeling to your satisfaction would be and then see if the price still makes sense. If you really want a view and the house you kind of like does not have a view, you can't change that so you should likely move on to the next house. Don't push the square peg into the round hole but do keep in mind that it may be possible to sand off the edges and make the peg work. Compromise is a good approach but don't compromise of the most important desires only on the lower level desires. Hope that was helpful.