Answer:  You are the client and you can make the decision to not put up a sign.  There are many reasons that people don’t like the idea of a sign in the front yard.  A move is a stressful time for the family and the sign is a daily reminder of the pending move.  However, you have made the decision to move and you want that process to take place quickly so you can move on to the next home or location.  I believe that it is a mistake to not put up a sign for several reasons.  Many buyers today are driving around the areas that they like looking for homes that are available to purchase.  They are not attached to a Realtor yet and are doing their own research.  If there is no sign, they can’t select your home.  Maybe the buyer has told their Realtor that they are interested in seeing several homes, and yours is among those homes, so the agent goes out to preview those homes for the client and there is no sign on your property.  The agent may think that the home is off the market and not include it on the tour with the clients.  Hopefully the agent would call the listing agent to determine whether it is on the market or not but sometimes that does not happen.  A sign makes the home easier to find for the agent and client when they are driving around in the neighborhood.  Anything that makes the finding or selection of your home easier is a good thing.  But the sign is just a billboard for the agent!  Really it is an identifier that your home is available for sale and allows the buyer to contact the listing agent for more information or the buyer’s agent.  Often times an agent is taking clients out to show them homes and did not include your home but now discovers it as they drive around; if the sign was not in the yard, then your home would be missed.  In this difficult real estate market you want to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your home for sale and the sign in the yard is one of those ways.