The thought of moving can be overwhelming. With Gentle Transitions and The Edie Israel Team, we can help you Overcome the Obstacles of Downsizing.

When you think about Moving...

* What do you do with all your possessions?

* Are you stressed about the whole idea?

* Do you find it hard to leave your family home?

* My home needs work - what should I do?

Gentle Transitions can plan, coordinate and supervise all aspects of your move. Additional Services Provided:

"When we purchased our new home in Santa Rosa, CA we knew we had to sell our beautiful home in Yorba Linda, CA... We heard of Edie and after meeting her and her husband John, we knew the fit was perfect... We also knew after the 500 mile final move to No Cal, that we really needed her and the whole team to make it happen.. She made sure to forward all mail to our new home, staged our empty home beautifully, answered all our silly realty questions, and always made sure we knew exactly what was going on. She negotiated all transactions with such knowledge and skill that it was truly a beautiful thing... What a team... She ALWAYS returned my calls in a timely fashion and such professionalism yet I knew she sincerely cared about what was happening to us in No Cal.. moving can be a very stressful process and these dear people went way beyond what was expected." - Dave and Donna Hyatt